At Tech Automation we know how fast communication technologies are changing.  That is why it is our number 1 objective is to bring you the most sophisticated Audio/Video communication options for your work place.  We are a leader in providing the most hi-tech design, engineering, installation and maintenance services for communication systems nationwide. Tech Automation helps transform dull work spaces into high-tech destinations for collaboration.  We proudly and professionally bring innovative service and design to the corporate world.  Today’s communication technologies are ever-changing, therefore at Tech Automation we are committed to making sure that your business has the right collaboration tools to best meet your needs.


Keep current with the most advanced technologies for your board, meeting, huddle and conference rooms.  Stay connected and collaborate with clients and co-workers with worldwide video conferencing.  


Whether it's a speaker system, video conferencing, or a 4K monitor, Tech Automation can fulfill all of your corporate needs.