At Tech Automation we know how fast communication technologies are changing.  That is why it is our number 1 objective is to bring you the most sophisticated Audio/Video communication options for your work place.  We are a leader in providing the most hi-tech design, engineering, installation and maintenance services for communication systems nationwide. Tech Automation helps transform dull work spaces into high-tech destinations for collaboration.  We proudly and professionally bring innovative service and design to the corporate world.  Today’s communication technologies are ever-changing, therefore at Tech Automation we are committed to making sure that your business has the right collaboration tools to best meet your needs.


Keep current with the most advanced technologies for your board, meeting, huddle and conference rooms.  Stay connected and collaborate with clients and co-workers with worldwide video conferencing.  


Whether it's a speaker system, video conferencing, or a 4K monitor, Tech Automation can fulfill all of your corporate needs.



Tech Automations has years of experience in helping institutions updating their equipment with the best technologies available.  We provide a wide variety of audio and video systems to help higher educational facilities communicate all throughout their buildings.  By providing the latest technologies we can enhance the learning experiences for the students.  Students deserve the very best.  We strive to transform passive learning into active engagement, helping teachers inspire and engage students to realize their potential.

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Student Housing

Student housing has become a major part of our business.  Developers come to us to supply products that give their tenants the modern amenities that make the education process easier.  Large outdoor TVs around the pool, distributed audio around the complex and collaboration rooms are all things we do to attract today's college students. We currently have been to more than 20 states working on housing units with more on the way.  



Tech Automation is leading the way as a supplier of technologies that bridge internet/broadcast video media with collaboration and presentation solutions.  Video conferencing allows you to eliminate restrictions of costs and distance between multiple locations, saving valuable agency resources.


Our team fully understands the unique specifications and requirements within most government agencies.  Let Tech Automation solve your agencies acoustic and presentation sightline challenges that are presented in many Council chambers, training facilities, Emergency Operation Centers, Control Rooms and Security rooms.


Our integrated audio visual systems will streamline budgetary, time management and transportation concerns that are presented to your agency.  Our team fully understands the unique specifications and requirements within government agencies and the necessity for reliable and secure solutions.  



Let us show you the endless uses of AV technology in the Hospitality market.  Our digital signage can be customized and enhanced with daily specials, electronic menus, advertising, calendar notifications and so much more.  In order to deliver to the rising expectations of your guests, the ability to provide the best collaborative solutions is paramount.  We offer the most advanced interactive technology in audio and video conferencing, digital signage and Smart boards/meeting rooms.


Houses of Worship

We can maximize any House of Worships acoustic performance with the use of the most modern audio and video systems available.  Our digital signage, will ensure that all of your members can properly see, hear, participate and benefit from your services.  Our Audio video design and integration solutions will allow you to present your services seamlessly while intriguing and inspiring your members.



We specialize in customizing and delivering the most advanced audiovisual systems for even the most challenging of venues.  Our video walls, digital signage and audio systems are sure to engage and captivate any audience at any stadium, concert hall, restaurant or movie theatre.  Our experts at Tech Automation understand all of the complexities of creating, achieving and maintaining the very best audio and visual quality for your entertainment venue.  


Club Houses


sporting facilities


Bar & Restaurants


Any Space

If the above market categories do not apply to you, Tech Automation is an expert in creating custom spaces that will accommodate and exceed the highest audio visual needs.  





Lighting Control

Motorized Shades with control